Umut Goyi

I am a physical education teacher, which gives me the ideal background and foundation to teach tennis. During my studies I attained a tennis trainer certification and worked as a tennis trainer at a local tennis club. I was responsible for teaching all ages, but my main project was preparing students ages 6-14 to successfully join their first international tournaments. During this time I really began to consider tennis as a career option and after volunteering with young people in Romania I decided to join the hotel chain ClubMed as a tennis trainer. While I was working for them in Turkey and Malaysia I had the chance to teach a wide range of people from all cultural backgrounds, which greatly expanded my approach to teaching tennis, focussing on its effects on mental and physical well-being. I like to use my pedagogical knowledge to improve my students' technique and motivate them. In addition to this pedagogical knowledge I also have knowledge in physiology, enabling me to design trainings that minimize the risk of injury.