Whether you’ve played for fun a couple of times or you’ve never held a racket before – taking tennis lessons is essential in order to learn the correct technique and prevent injuries. In these beginner lessons we focus on the correct execution of forehand, backhand, serve and volley as well as the basics of footwork in a friendly and encouraing athmosphere. It is my goal for my students to enjoy being active and to fall in love with this sport.

If you’re already a well-seasoned player who’s got the basic technique down, you can join my lessons for intermediate players. I will work with you based on your individual needs, identify areas for improvement such as game tactics or technique and provide you with efficient exercises. If you are ready to take your game to the next level, this is the right step for you.

For advanced players, I offer preparation for tournaments through high performance focused drills. We will work intensely on tactics, ensuring you know how to react to all situations arising during a match. Here, the mental aspect plays a big role. We will work on being focused, calm and flexible tactics, mental preparation – this is the mindset for success.

Kids ages 4-12 can hit their first balls with Goyi Academy. In kids’ lessons we focus on learning the basic technique through fun and engaging games. Kids of all ages profit from taking tennis lessons as it improves hand-eye-coordination and balance, as well as helping with confidence and discipline. If kids start early, it will set them up for a healthy and active life!

In order to avoid straining your joints and to minimize the risk of injury, tennis players need to pay attention to their overall fitness. I offer fitness classes that focus on agility and strength for tennis players. We will also work together to improve your speed and endurance – two essential qualities of a successful tennis player. If you take care of your body by taking care of your fitness, you will be able to play tennis up to a high age.